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Design Process

Don't know where to begin?
Can't pull all the pieces together?
Show off your space or feel comfortable in it?

Step #1: Consultation

  • Complimentary
  • Meet amazing future clients in person! 
  • Determine design needs
  • Assess space(s)

Step #2: Planning & Budget

  • Develop overall design concept 
  • Preliminary design 
  • Develop material and/or merchandising estimate and establish budget
  • Develop space plan options, providing floorplans and 3D renderings when necessary

Step #3: Product Selection

  • Final furniture, finishing, and fixture selections 
  • Items are purchased

Step #4: Implementation

  • Field questions, perform site visits, problem solve, and resolve issues
  • Oversee deliveries and placement
  • Implementation of all items 

Step #5: Relax in your new space!

  • Your space is complete!


2nd Street Lofts

"I wanted to reiterate again how impressed I am with your office renovation. As you know, I have been in the building for several years and I remember what is now your vibrant, modern and welcoming office from its days as a dark, dingy and unused storage closet. To call the transformation night and day would be a huge understatement. I particularly enjoy the way that you refreshed and modernized the space to make it functional for your purposes, but were thoughtful and intentional about keeping it true to our building's unique 100 year old heritage. We can all tell just by looking at the final product that you put a lot of thought, time and effort into the project and we, as residents of the building, truly appreciate it. Keep up the good work. "
Matthew Robinson 


2nd Street Lofts 

"The first time I entered into the office at 2nd Street Lofts it was an empty room, no decorations, no paint, just a simple desk located off to the side of the room. It seemed to emit a rather cold ambiance at that time, almost of a storm shelter or a panic room if you overlook the glass entry doors. But I was told right away that it was going to be remodeled and be made into a ultra-modern office space that will be beautiful, appealing, and functional. Wow did they come through! The vision that was portrayed has come to fruition the office is now spectacular. It is not easy to combine those three traits into a work space but they have made it happen."
Thank you,
Cory Roed